Spotlight – Beth Williams


We are going to run a series of Spotlights on committee members, staff and students to raise the profile of colleagues in the School and get to know each other now we are socially distanced and a lot of us are based at home. Here Beth Williams, our postgraduate representative on the EDI committee introduces herself.

Bethany WilliamsI am a first year PhD student at the University of Lincoln, with a love for baking and playing music. I joined the university as a Biomedical Science undergraduate student in 2016 and have lived in Lincoln and studied at the university ever since!

Entering my fifth year at the University of Lincoln, I felt I wanted to get more involved with the organisation of the university. So, when the opportunity arose to become the postgraduate research representative on the EDI (Ethnicity, Diversity, Inclusivity) committee this summer, I jumped at it!

I have always been passionate about inclusivity and a feeling of community, always striving to ensure those around me have a sense of belonging in their place of work or study. I believe everybody, regardless of their background, deserves equal opportunities and representation. I enjoy being an advocate for others, striving to ensure every voice is heard and listened to.

I have been lucky enough to find Lincoln a very inclusive and welcoming place, but improvements can always be made. I am passionate about using my role within the EDI committee to bridge the gap between the student and staff community, ensuring inclusivity and the celebration of diversity is felt equally across all members of the university.

I am always open to suggestions and happy to report any feedback to the wider EDI committee – if anyone has any comments, I would welcome any emails to bewilliams AT lincoln dot ac dot uk.

Thank you!

Meeting – 11 September 2020

The committee met on the 11th September 2020 to discuss various actions, including the creation of this blog! Following our school-wide call, we welcomed a new member, Dr Ambrose Tinwarno, who is a senior lecturer in the Animal Behaviour and Welfare research group.

New name and chair

In June 2020 the Life Sciences Athena Swan Self Assessment team met virtually and welcomed our new chair, Dr Jenny Dunn, senior lecturer, and several new members: Dr Iain Stott and Dr Teresa Romero, also senior lecturers, Professor Oliver Burman, Dr Franklyn Nkongho, postdoctoral fellow and Bethany Williams, PhD student, both of whom joined the School earlier this year.

The committee thanked the work done by those members who stepped down: Professor Steve Bevan, Head of School, Megan Mortimer, postgraduate students representative, Dr Mike Christie, Co-chair of the committee and Dr Nadia Andreani, early career researchers representative.

The first act of the committee was to change its name to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee, to signify our commitment to uphold these values and work towards making our school a welcoming and inclusive place to work for everyone.